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    Who among the following is the first to lost Member ship of Rajya Sabha, after Supreme court struck down a provision in the electoral law that protected a convicted law maker from disqualification on the ground of pendency of appeal in higher courts ? Ans : (2)
    1. Jagadish Sharma 2. Rashid Masood 3.Lalu Prasad Yadav 4. Srikanth Vihar 5. None

    Explanation: Congress member of the Rajya Sabha Rashid Masood was convicted by a special CBI judge under various sections; eventually he lost his Membership to Rajya Sabha, on 21st October. The RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and JD(U)'s Jagadish Sharma, who represented Saran and Jahanabad respectively also lost their membership.

    On 21st October, Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh visited which country? Ans : (3)
    1. Cambodia 2. China 3. Russia 4. Srilanka 5. Maldives

    Explanation: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that India will give highest strategic priority with Russia. On 21st October, 2013 he met Russian President Vladimar Putin. India and Russia have agreed mutual cooperation on nine issues.

    Indian Prime Minister has signed Free Trade Agreement on with which nation/nations, on 21st October, 2013? Ans : (4)
    1. Belarus 2. Kazakhstan 3. Russia 4. All the above 5. None

    Explanation: India, on 21st October, agreed to initiate an exercise for a free trade agreement with the customs union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia to enhance economic ties. The joint statement was issued after the 14th India-Russia annual summit meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Russian President Vladimir Putin

    In World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap index, the Rank of India is? Ans : (5)
    1. 97 2. 98 3. 99 4. 100 5. 101

    Explanation: India has a long way to go on gender parity, says the latest report on the issue from the World Economic Forum (WEF). Although up four places in ranking from last year, the country is at 101st position on the 'gender gap index' among the 136 countries surveyed. In 2012, India was ranked 105th.

    According to Reserve Bank of India the Credit card dues for the banking sector grew.....% year-on-year in September? Ans : (3)
    1. 1.8% 2. 2% 3. 2.1% 4. 2.5% 5. 2.8%

    Explanation: Plastic money is a term that is used predominantly in reference to the hard plastic cards, in place of actual bank notes. They can come in many different forms such as cash cards, credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cash cards and store cards. Cash Cards - A card that will allow withdrawing money directly from bank via an ATM, but it will not allow the holder to purchase anything directly with it.

    Phailin refers to? Ans : (4)
    1. A new type of software 2. A new Virus spreading in Middle East 3. New Tycoon hit Japan, in October 4. Cyclone, hit South east Indian in October, 2013 5. A new Satellite, to study Cyclones changes

    Explanation: Cyclonic Storm Phailin was a powerful tropical cyclone that caused substantial damage in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha in early October 2013 (October 12th), it damaged crops in lack hectares, and also responsible for the death of more than 50, in these two states

    In which year, Mannedey received Dada Saheb Phalke Award? Ans : (1)
    1. 2007 2. 2008 3. 2009 4. 2010 5. 2011

    Explanation: Mannadey, a famous playback singer, passed away on 24th October, 2013. His first movie was Tamanna, in 1942. He sang more than 4000 songs. The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri in 1971, the Padma Bhushan in 2005 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2007.

    How much funds were infused by Finance Ministry to the public sector banks in this fiscal? Ans : (3)
    1. Rs 1000 crore 2. Rs 1500 crore 3. Rs 2000 crore 4. Rs 2,500 crore 5. Rs 3000 crore

    Explanation: The Finance Ministry, on 23rd October, announced that it would infuse Rs.14,000 crore capital in various banks this fiscal, including Rs.2,000 crore in State Bank of India and Rs.1,800 crore each in IDBI Bank and Central Bank of India.

    In which of the following country, the world's largest women-only University is existing? Ans : (2)
    1. Germany 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Iran 4. Canada 5. Brazil

    Explanation: The world's largest women only University is in Saudi Arabia. This is in news in recent times because this University will now have access to digital learning technology that will benefit about 12,000 new students. Riyadh's Princess Noura University has partnered with education solutions provider Pearson to provide its preparatory year students with IT course content for tablet devices as part of the University's efforts to build a world class digital learning environment for its students.

    Who among the following is not included in Wisden all time Test World XI, which was released on 2013, 23rd October? Ans : (4)
    1. Viv Richards 2. Wasim Akram 3. Sachin Tendulkar 4. Sunil Gavaskar 5. Shane Warne

    Explanation: Australia great Sir Don Bradman was named captain of an all-time Test World XI to mark the 150th anniversary of Wisden Cricketers' Almanack on 23rd October. West Indies provide three players they are Vivian Richards, Sir Garfield Sobers, and Malcolm Marshall, From India, only Sachin Tendulkar got place in that list.

    In NPA, P stands for? Ans : (3)
    1. Progress 2. Product 3. Performing 4. Poor 5. Passive

    Explanation: A loan or lease that is not meeting its stated principal and interest payments is known as Non Performing Assets. This is in news recently because Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on 22nd October termed the rising number of bad loans in the banking sector as unacceptable, even as he expressed satisfaction at the growth in bank lending during the April-June quarter of the current fiscal. At the end of June 2013, overall gross NPAs (as a percentage of gross advances) rose to 4.57 per cent from 3.84 per cent in March, 2013

    The capital of Brunei? Ans : (5)
    1. Canberra 2. Buenos Aires 3. Manila 4. Madrid 5. Bandar Seri Begawan

    Explanation: Brunei was in news recently, on two reasons. The 23rd ASEAN summit was conducted in Bandar Seri Begawan in October, and also Brunei Sultan announced on 22nd October that a new Islamic criminal law will be enforced in six months and this would be applied to muslims only.

    Which of the following Indian Premier League team was terminated in October 2013? Ans : (1)
    1. Pune Warriors 2. Chennai Super Kings 3. Rajasthan Royals 4. Delhi Dare devils 5. Deccan Chargers

    Explanation: Pune Warriors, owned by Sahara Adventure Sports, was terminated from the Indian Premier League by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on 26th October for continued refusal to give a bank guarantee of Rs. 170.2 crore to play in the 2014 season

    According to Constitution of India, the Chief Justice of High court is appointed by? Ans : (3)
    1. Governor of concerned state 2. Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India 3. President of India 4. Concerned State Cabinet 5. None

    Explanation: President of India appoints Chief Justice of any high court in India, this is in news because President Pranab Mukherjee on 21st October appointed the acting Chief Justice of Madras High Court Rajesh Kumar Agrawal (60) as the Chief Justice of the court

    Bank International Indonesia, has launched its first Indian branch in which city? Ans : (1)
    1. Mumbai 2. Kolkata 3. Cochin 4. Trivandrum 5. Delhi

    Explanation: Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII), a subsidiary of Southeast Asia's fourth largest bank Maybank, on 21st October, formally launched its first branch in the country in Mumbai. The BII branch, set up at the investment of $28 million.

    Expand GST? Ans : (2)
    1. Gross System Tax 2. Goods and Services Tax 3. Goods stalling total 4. Gross Services Tax 5. Gross States Tax

    Explanation: Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a Value Added Tax (VAT) to be implemented in India, the decision on which is pending. This is in news in recent times because on 21st November 2013, the states and Centre discussed on how to implement this tax. However negotiations between the Centre and states because states opposed the centre's proposal to include petroleum products and alcohol under the ambit of the proposed reform.

    Kudankulam is... Nuclear Reactor in India? Ans : (3)
    1. 19th 2. 20th 3. 21st 4. 22nd 5. 23rd

    Explanation: Kudankulam is the 21st Nuclear Reactor of India. This is in news recent times because the first unit of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project began transmitting electricity into the grid on 22nd October, 2013. And also, on his visit to Russia Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh discussed about Kudankulam, Russia promised to supply more nuclear reactors to Kudankulam

    Patna is on the banks of which river? Ans : (4)
    1. Gomathi 2. Yamuna 3. Brahmaputra 4. Ganga 5. None

    Explanation: Patna, the Capital of Bihar is the banks of River Ganga. This city is in news because, More than five people killed and more than 80 people were injured in multiple blasts rocked Patna's Gandhi Maidan and railway station on 27th October, 2013. A rash of seven explosions ripped through the surroundings of the Gandhi Maidan.

    Which of the following Insurance firm, has decided to hold all insurance policies in the electronic form, from 2014 onwards? Ans : (2)
    1. Ing Vysya 2. Life Insurance Corporation 3. General Insurance 4. Oriental Insurance 5. None

    Explanation: In January 2014, the policyholders of Life Insurance Corporation will be able to hold their insurance policies in the electronic form. The life insurer expects to tie-up with insurance repositories in the next two months.

    World's largest airport is in which country? Ans : (3)
    1. USA 2. China 3. Dubai 4. Spain 5. Singapore

    Explanation: Dubai World Central - Al Maktoum International Airport is the official name of a major airport in Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates that opened on 27 June 2010. This is in news recent times because, on 27th October this air port was opened passenger operations at its second airport

    The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM), will be held in November, 2013 in which country? Ans : (1)
    1. Srilanka 2. Malaysia 3. Australia 4. Nepal 5. India

    Explanation: CHOGM meeting is scheduled in Colombo, in Srilanka from 10th to 17th November, 2013. This is much in news because the Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously passed a resolution urging boycott of the meeting because of human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.

    The head quarters of Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) is at? Ans : (5)
    1. Mumbai 2. Pune 3. Surat 4. Chennai 5. New Delhi

    Explanation: GAIL, is a Maharatna company. Its head quarters are at New Delhi. This is in news because GAIL (India) and Paradip Port Trust, on 26th October, signed a memorandum of understanding for setting up an offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Paradip Port at an estimated cost of Rs.3,108 crore

    Which of the following Indian city has been selected for inclusion in the 2014 world monuments watch? Ans : (3)
    1. Ayodhya 2. Hyderabad 3. Bidar 4. Kanchi 5.Bhuvaneshwar

    Explanation: The historic city of Bidar in Karnataka has been selected for inclusion in the 2014 World Monuments Watch. This was announced in New York, by WMF president Bonnie Burnham, according to Indian Heritage Cities Network - Foundation Executive Director K S Raykar.

    Which of the following is always 1%, less than Repo rate? Ans : (2)
    1. Bank Rate 2. Reverse Repo Rate 3. Marginal Standing Facility Rate 4. Cash Reserve Ratio 5. None of these

    Explanation: Repo rate is the rate at which the central bank of a country (Reserve Bank of India in case of India) lends money to commercial banks in the event of any shortfall of funds. Repo rate is used by monetary authorities to control inflation, and the Reverse Repo rate is Reverse repo rate is the rate at which the central bank of a country (Reserve Bank of India in case of India) borrows money from commercial banks within the country. It is a monetary policy instrument which can be used to control the money supply in the country. The present Repo rate is 7.75%, while reverse repo rate is 6.75% (1% less)