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    Weekly Bits 19-01-15
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    1) How many are the authors of the book 'The Indian Parliament - A Critical Appraisal' , which was released by the Vice President of India on 8thJan'15? Ans : (3)
    1. 1 2. 3 3. 2 4. 4 5. 5

    Explanation:Prof. Sudha Pai and Shri Avinash Kumar of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The book examines the credibility and legitimacy of the Indian Parliament, scrutinizing various aspects of its functioning.

    2) Rashtriya avishkar abhiyan is the mission that would be launch by the Government to create interest among the students in which subject fields?Ans: (4)
    1. History & Polity 2. Politics & Agriculture 3. Culture & Heritage 4. Science & mathematics 5. Social & economy

    Explanation: Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan. The Abhiyan seeks to create curiosity, excitement and spirit of innovation and exploration amongst school children, by encouraging higher education institutions to assist secondary and elementary schools in the study of Science and Mathematics

    3) Name the person who is an Indian who has been named by Secretary General Ban Ki- moon as the head of the UN department that provides dedicated support to peacekeeping missions around the world, making him one of the highest ranking Indian officials in the world body?Ans:(1)

    1. Atul Khare 2. Atul srivasthav 3. Anirudh khode 4. Arnav Rathode 5. Akul Malhotra

    Explanation:Atul Khare, Senior Indian Diplomat. He will succeed Bangladesh's Ameerah Haq as the Under-Secretary-General for Field Support, Department of Field Support (DFS).

    4) Identify the country which has banned AirAsia Airline from flying on key routes amid flight approvals review on 7th Jan'15?Ans: (1)

    1. Indonesia 2. India 3. Srilanka 4. USA 5. USSR

    Air asia airlines . AirAsia Berhad (MYX: 5099) is a Malaysian low-cost airline headquartered near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. AirAsia group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to 100 destinations spanning 22 countries. Its main hub is klia2, the low-cost carrier terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

    5) On 8th Jan’15 Krishan kant Paul has been appointed as the Governor of which state?Ans:(3)
    1. Jharkhand 2. Uttar Pradesh 3. Uttarkhand 4. West Bengal 5. Kerala

    Explanation:Krishan Kant Paul. He replaced Aziz Qureshi as the Governor of Uttarakhand.

    6) All India radio of which city has launched the special programme titled 'CORRECTION', a unique initiative for prisoners providing an opportunity to prisoners to showcase their talents? Ans:(4)

    1. Hyderabad 2. Chennai 3. Bangalore 4. Thiruvananthapuram 5. Pune

    Explanation::- All India Radio Thiruvananthapuram. The programme will highlight the experiences of prisoners and released prisoners.

    7) Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was celebrated on which day? Ans:(2)
    1. 8 January 2. 9 january 3. 10 february 4. 12 january 5. 15 January

    Explanation: :- 9th January. This day was chosen as the day to celebrate this occasion since it was on this day in 1915 that Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest Pravasi, returned to India from South Africa, led India's freedom struggle and changed the lives of Indians forever.

    8) Salt Mountain is the memorial which was dedicated to which freedom fighter that was built in Gandhinagar on 8th Jan'15? Ans:(1)
    1. Mahathma Gandhi 2. Sardar vallabhai Patel 3. Jawaharlala Nehru 4. Bhagath singh 5. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

    Explanation: Salt Mountain, a Memorial. near the Mahatma Mandir complex, Gandhinagar, Gujarath

    9) R koteeswaran has been appointed as the new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of which bank?Ans:(2)
    1. Axis bank 2. Indian Overseas Bank 3. Indian bank 4. HDFC 5. Oriental bank of commerce

    Explanation: R Koteeswaran. Earlier he was an Executive Director of Bank of India.

    10) Mahinda Rajapaksa has conceded defeat in in which country's presidentialelections held on 8th Jan'15? Ans:(2)
    1. Bangladesh 2. Srilanka 3. Nepal 4. Indonesia 5. Cambodia

    Explanation: Mahinda Rajapaksa. The counting results show opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena is leading. With final result yet to be declared, Sirisena is expected to be declared winner by around 4 lakh votes.

    11) India will provide 60 million dollars Line of Credit -LoC , To which country for its road infrastructure projects as per the announcement made on 8th Jan'15?Ans:(1)
    1. Guyana 2. Bangladesh 3. Bhutan 4. Nepal 5. Cuba

    Explanation: Guyana. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today gave the nod for LoC during the bilateral talks with Guyana President Donald R. Ramotar on the sidelines of the 13th Pravasi Bhartiya Divas in which Guyana President has been invited as a chief guest.

    12) Which Indian private bank launched India's first contactless debit and credit card on 7th Jan’15 that enables one to make payments by just waving the card near merchant terminals instead of swiping the same? Ans:(4)
    1. Axis bank 2. HDFC 3. Oriental bank of Commerce 4. Ing Vysya 5. City Bank

    Explanation: ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. As of 2014 it is the second largest bank in India in terms of assets and market capitalization. The Bank has a network of 3,845 branches and 12,012 ATMs in India, and has a presence in 19 countries.
    ICICI Bank is one of the Big Four banks of India, along with State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda. The bank has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Russia, and Canada; branches in United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Dubai International Finance Centre; and representative offices in United Arab Emirates, China, South Africa, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The company's UK subsidiary has also established branches in Belgium and Germany.

    13) Virat Kohli has broken the record of which cricket player's Highest Scorer in Australia?Ans:(2)
    1. Sachin Tendulkar 2. Rahul dravid 3. Mark taylor 4. Steve Waugh 5. Inzamam-Ul-Haq

    Explanation: Virat Kohli. He overtook Rahul Dravid as he surpassed 619 runs in the series.

    14) Tshering Tobgay is the Prime Minister of which country who will be on a visit to India from 10th Jan'15?Ans:(3)
    1. Indonesia 2. Cuba 3. Bhutan 4. Guyana 5. cambodia

    Explanation: Tshering Tobgay. Mr Tobgay and his delegation will visit Ahmedabad to participate in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, where he will meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    15) Who is the new SriLankan President sworn into office on 9th Jan'15?Ans:(1)
    1. Maithripala sirisena 2. Murali Sirideva 3. Arjuna Vikrantha 4. Mahinda Rajapaksa 5. Devesh Muralitharan

    Explanation: Maithripala Sirisena. He received 51.2 percent of the votes in presidential election and Rajapaksa got 47.5 percent.

    16) Under section 92 the constitution governor’s rule was imposed in which state on 9th Jan'15?Ans:(2)
    1. Tamilnadu 2. Jammu & Kashmir 3. Gujarath 4. New delhi 5. Uttar Pradesh

    Explanation: Section 92 of Jammu and Kashmir Constitution. It allows the Governor to proclaim it in case of failure of Constitutional machinery in the state. It has been imposed in the state for the sixth time since 1977.

    17) From 13th jan - 17th Jan 2015 India is going to Celebrate ...........week? Ans:(3)

    Explanation: 13th Jan-17th January 2015. The theme for water week will be "Water Management for Sustainable Development". India Water Week-2015 will address the issues of sustainability of water resources development and management in line with Sustainable Development Goals 2015 being finalized by UN.

    18) Said kouachi and cherif Kouachi are the brothers who attached on Charlie Hebdo Magazine Office at which place and killed on 9th Jan’2015?Ans:(2)
    1. London 2. Paris 3. Hongkong 4. Washington 5. Texas

    Explanation: nSaid Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi. They were killed at a Paris supermarket where he was holding shoppers at gunpoint and threatened to kill them unless police let the Koachis go.

    19) The first Airline of joint venture of Tata Group and Singapore Airline (SIA) started its first operation between Delhi to which other city in India on 9th Jan’15?Ans:(4)
    1. Pune 2. Hyderabad 3. Jaipur 4. Mumbai 5. Bangalore

    Explanation: Delhi to Mumbai. Vistara is an Indian airline based in New Delhi with a hub at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The carrier commenced operations on 9 January 2015 and operates 14 daily flights with 3 Airbus A320 aircraft. The Full service carrier was announced in 2013 and was established as a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines. It is the first carrier to offer premium economy seats on domestic flights in India

    20) Among the following, Who has launched the Delhi City’s First Public Bicycle Sharing Scheme on 8th Jan’15?Ans:(1)
    1. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC 2. Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC 3. Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC 4. Hyderabad Metro Rail Corporation (HMRC 5. Chennai Metro Rail Corporation (CMRC

    Explanation: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). he eco-friendly project, inaugurated from the Saket Metro Station in south Delhi, seeks to provide connectivity to and from the metro stations in areas in its vicinity.

    21) Abu hamza is ..........hate preacher gets life imprisonment in United States on Jan’15?Ans:(2)
    1. French 2. British 3. Pakistani 4. UAE 5. Russian

    Explanation: Abu Hamza. Judge Katherine Forrest jailed him for life, saying he will never be released, eight months after he was convicted by a jury after a four week New York trial.

    22) Which insurance company would soon insure about one third of India's population by partnering with Prime Minister's Jan Dhan Yojana?Ans:(2)
    1. Ing Vysya insurance 2. Life corporation of India (LIC ) 3. HDFC insurance policies 4. ICICI insurance 5. None

    Explanation: Life Corporation of India (LIC). Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is an Indian state-owned insurance group and investment company headquartered in Mumbai. The company was founded in 1956 when the Parliament of India passed the Life Insurance of India Act that nationalised the private insurance industry in India. Over 245 insurance companies and provident societies were merged to create the state owned Life Insurance Corporation.

    23) Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015 would be held in Gujarat . It will be the ---------- summit? Ans:(1)
    1. 7th 2. 8th 3. 6th 4. 9th 5. 10th

    Explanation: 11th -13th January 2015. It will be the 7th Summit.

    24) National Youth Day was observed on ..........Ans:(2)
    1. 11th January 2. 12th January 3. 13th January 4. 14th January 5. 15th January

    Explanation: 12thJanuary. This day is observed every year on the birth anniversary of social reformer, philosopher and thinker Swami Vivekananda.

    25) Who among the following was the doyen of classical music whose 168th death anniversary was observed as 'Aradhanotsavam' at the temple city, Tirupathi on 11th Jan'15?Ans:(3)
    1. Syama sastri 2. Muthhu swamy dikshithulu 3. Sri tyagaraja 4. Sri Annamayya 5. Sri Nannayya

    Explanation: Sri Tyagaraja. Tyagaraja Aradhana is an annual Carnatic music festival held in January and February. Many exponents of Carnatic music come to perform and are watched by thousands of ardent fans of Indian classical music. It is associated with the world famous singer and saint Tyagaraja and is one of the most important music festivals in India.