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    Weekly Bits 18-05-15
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    1) Name the bank that launched Tap-n-Pay Service? Ans : (2)
    1. Axis Bank
    2. ICICI Bank
    3. HDFC
    4. SBI
    5. Andhra Bank

    Explanation: ICICI Bank has launched an NFC-enabled payment service called ‘Tap-n-Pay’. . Tap-n-Pay’ payment service is based on near-field communication (NFC) technology which will allow customers to make over the counter payments without using cash. . ICICI Bank has launched this service in collaboration with Tech Mahindra.

    2)Name the player who won Bahrain Grand Prix? Ans : (4)
    1. Nicorosberg
    2. KimiRaikkonen
    3. Sebastian Vettel
    4. Lewis Hamilton
    5. None

    Explanation: British Formula One Racing Driver from England, Lewis Hamilton won Bahrain Grand Prix for Second time in a row. . Lewis Hamilton’s win at Bahrain Grand Prix made him tasted 36th title of his career. . German Racing Driver NicoRosberg was the first runner up

    3)Indian Navy Launched INS Visakhapatnam recently. Now who is the Indian Navy Chief? Ans : (1)
    1. R.K. Dhowan
    2. V. seshadri Sharma
    3. R. Radha Krishna Murthy
    4. V. VenkateswarRao
    5. N. Shiva rajasekhar

    Explanation: Indian Navy launches its first stealth destroyer of project 15 B class, INS Visakhapatnam. . The Warship has a displacement of 7,300 tonnes and is 163 metres in length. . INS Visakhapatnam was launched by R.K. Dhowan’s wife MinuDhawan.

    4) Indian Railways launched ……….. to monitor rail projects online? Ans : (2)
    1. E-Samvidhan
    2. E-Samiksha
    3. E-Sadviniyoga
    4. E-railway
    5. E-Rail Nilayam

    Explanation: Indian Railways has launched E-Samiksha to monitor rail projects online. . E-Samiksha an online monitoring mechanism is designed by National Informatics Centre (NIC). . E-Samiksha aims as monitoring implementation of various ongoing projects of Railways on real time basis

    5) Recently Civil Services day was observed on …………? Ans : (2)
    1. 20thapril
    2. 21stapril
    3. 22nd April
    4. 23rd April
    5. 24thapril

    Explanation:Ninth Civil Services Day was observed on 21st April, 2015. . Civil Services Day is observed by all civil servants to re-dedicate and re-committhemselves to the cause of the people. Note: Prime Minister NarendraModi launched a book on this event titled “BestPractices –Tomorrow is there”

    6)NovokDjokovic Won Monte Carlo Masters Title by defeating Tomas Berdych. Tomas belongs to which country? Ans : (1)
    1. Czech republic
    2. Britain
    3. Argentina
    4. Brazil
    5. France

    Explanation: Novak Djokovic has won his second Monte Carlo Masters title of Tennis. . Novak Djokovic of Serbia defeated Tomas Berdych of Czech Republic. . This was Novak Djokovic’s 23rd World tennis Title which brings him equal to Roger Federar and just 4 titles behind Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic is ranked World No.1 in Tennis Ranking.

    7)Pollution Management and Environment Health Program (PHEM) established by World Bank. It will focus air quality management in how many urban areas? Ans : (3)
    1. 3
    2. 4
    3. 5
    4. 6
    5. 7

    Explanation: :- World Bank has established pollution Management and Environment Health (PHEM) promgram which will focus on air quality management. . PHEM program will initially run from 2015 to 2020 with an estimated amount of 45 million US dollar. . The program will focus on air quality management in five major urban areas India, China, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa.

    8)Which among the following won Putlizer Prize? Ans : (1)
    1. New York Times
    2. Forbes Magazine
    3. India Today
    4. American times Magazine
    5. None

    Explanation: The New York Times has won two Pulitzer prizes for coverage of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. . The New York Times staff won the Pulitzer Prize for International reporting. . DanialBerechulak, a freelancer won Pulitzer prize for the feature photography

    9)22nd April was observed across the World as………..? Ans : (4)
    1.International Mother’s day
    2. International father’s Day
    3. International Mother & Child day
    4. International Mother earth day
    5. International Scholars day

    Explanation: International Mother Earth Day was observed on 22nd April around the world. . International Mother Earth Day 2015 was observed with the theme “It’s our turn to lead”

    10) Which country’s train set the World speed record of 603 KMPH? Ans : (3)
    1. China
    2. India
    3. Japan
    4. France
    5. USA

    Explanation: :Japanese Bullet train Maglev set a new world speed record of 603 kmph. . Maglev train broke its previous world record of 580 kmph up in the year 2003

    11) Who is the CEO of “Make My Trip” which is the Online Travel Service Provider company? Ans : (2)
    1. DeepikaPiyush
    2. Deep Kalra
    3. DeepaMatondkar
    4. DeepthiKanetkar
    5. None

    Explanation: Online travel Service provider Make My Trip has acquired startup travel guideMygola. . Mygola was founded in 2009 by AnshumanBapna and prateek Sharma.

    12) Which country’s President was honoured with Nishan-E- Pakistan recently? Ans : (1)
    1. China
    2. Japan
    3. India
    4. Nepal
    5. Bangladesh

    Explanation: Chinese President Xi Jinping is honoured with Nishan-e-Pakistan Award. . Nishan-e-Pakistan award is the highest civilian award of Pakistan. . The award was presented by the president of Pakistan MamnoonHussain.

    13) Union Finance Ministry retained the rate of Interest at how much percent for GPF for the year 2015-16? Ans : (1)
    1. 8.7%
    2. 7.8%
    3. 9.0%
    4. 5.7%
    5. 4.8%

    Explanation: The interest rate will apply on provident funds of central government employees,railways and defense forces. About GPF- General Provident Fund (i) Interest rate for senior citizens saving scheme hiked from 9.2% to 9.3% (ii) Interest rate for SukanyaSamridhi account hike from 9.2% to 9.3%

    14) Recently which day is observed as World Book and Copy right day? Ans : (3)
    1. 21st April
    2. 22nd April
    3. 23rd April
    4. 24th April
    5. 25th April

    Explanation: UN has observed World Book and Copyright Day across the world on 23rd April 2015. . UNESCO has designated Inchon, South Korea as the World Book Capital for the year 2015 . World Book Day was celebrated first time on 23rd April 1995 by UNESCO. . UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

    15) Among the following who is the youngest US Surgeon General? Ans : (3)
    1. Andry Murray
    2. Boris Lushanky
    3. Vivek Murthy
    4. Ravindra Narayan
    5. Ajay Kuldeep

    Explanation: Indian-American Vivek Murthy took oath as 19th US Surgeon General. . Vivek Murthy’s oath was administered by the Vice-President of US, Joe Biden. . Vivek Murthy succeeded Boris D. Lushniak to be the youngest ever in charge of US Public Health

    16) KPMG is known as ………..? Ans : (2)
    1. UN Body
    2. Accounting Firm
    3. Financial Organization
    4. NGO
    5. None

    Explanation:Renowned US Accounting firm KPMG elected Lynne Doughite to be the new CEO and Chairman. . Lynne Doughite succeeded John Veihmeyer to be the first women CEO and Chairman of KPMG International . KPMG is among the World’s leading professional services and one of the four biggestaccounting firms is US. . CEO –Chief Executive Officer

    17)Name the actor who won Dada SahebPhalke film foundation Award? Ans : (2)
    1. Salman Khan
    2. Shahrukh khan
    3. Aamir Khan
    4. AmtabhBacchan
    5. Rishi Kapoor

    Explanation: Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan is honoured with Dada SahebPhalke film foundation Award 2015. . Shahrukh Khan was conferred with the award for his performance in the movie ‘ Happy New Year’

    18) Which Ministry launched a new mobile app called “Utsonmobile”? Ans : (1)
    1. Railway Ministry
    2. Road transport Ministry
    3. Agriculture Ministry
    4. Culture & Heritage Ministry
    5. Home Ministry

    Explanation: Railway ministry has launched a new mobile app, ‘Utsonmobile’ for paperless unreserved tickets. . The application will cover 15 stations between Egmore and Tambram Suburban sections in Chennai of the southern Railway. . The application is developed by centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS). Note: Suresh Prabhu is Union Railway Minister.

    19)PCI was suspended for poor management and conduct of …………… National Para Athletics Championships held in Ghaziabad.? Ans : (2)
    1. 14th
    2. 15th
    3. 16th
    4. 17th
    5. 20th

    Explanation: Union Sports ministry has suspended the recognisation of Paralympics Committee of India (PCI) . Saravanansonwal is the Union sports Minister . Earlier PCI was indefinitely suspended by the International Paralympics Committee (IPC).

    20) Now The new age limit for heinous crimes is ………………? Ans : (4)
    1. 18 years
    2. 15 years
    3. 17 years
    4. 16 years
    5. 20 years

    Explanation: :- Union Cabinet has approved lowering of age of juveniles from eighteen to sixteen years for heinous crimes. It cleared the amendment to the Juvenile Justice Act in this regard during a meeting in New Delhi this evening. Official sources said that the amendment seeks to try juvenile in the age group of 16 to 18 years as adults for heinous crimes.

    21) The issue of Net Neutrality during the Zero Hour in the LokSabha recently was raised by which party leader? Ans : (1)
    1. Rahul Gandhi
    2. Sonia Gandhi
    3. SeetaramYechury
    4. SharadPawar
    5. None

    Explanation: Mr Gandhi alleged that the government is trying to hand over the control of internet to corporate houses. He questioned if the government is serious not to impinge on the Internet freedom why it has started the consultation process.

    22) Recently, The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting received the ……………. Certification from the British Standards Institute for the broadcasting and print media and films? Ans : (1)
    1. ISO 9001:2008
    2. ISO 9001:10000
    3. ISO 9001:2015
    4. ISO 9001:2001
    5. ISO 9001:2015

    Explanation: The Ministry has put in place a well defined procedure and measures for ensuring quality of services offered to the customers on the basis of ISO 9001:2008. It will ensure delivery of services by the Ministry in a qualitative manner.

    23)A device for advance assessment of damage to buildings in cities prone to earthquake was developed by which Indian Institute? Ans : (4)
    1. IIT-Roorkee
    2. IIT-Delhi
    3. IISC Bangalore
    4. IIIT-Hyderabad
    5. IIT-Ranchi

    Explanation: The information on the level of shaking will come from seismological inputs in a particular area. The device is now being tested for its efficacy.

    24) Two Indians were selected for the 2015 Yale World Fellows in which country for their exemplary mid-career work? Ans : (1)
    1. US
    2. UAE
    3. UK
    4. USSR
    5. Canada

    Explanation: An Indian conflict reporter, Rahul Pandita and a health care founder, ZeenaJohar has been selected by the prestigious Ivy League university. They were chosen from a pool of about 4,000 applicants for the New Haven, Connecticut-based university's signature global leadership development initiative. Every year, the University invites a group of exemplary mid-career professionals from a wide range of fields and countries for an intensive four-month period of academic enrichment and leadership training.

    25) Numaligarh Refinery Limited of India signed a Memorandum of Understanding with which company for export of petroleum products recently? Ans : (2)
    1.Dhaka Oil Corporation
    2.Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation
    3.Dacca Petroleum Corporation
    4.Kualalampur Oil Corporation
    5.None of these

    Explanation: The MoU provides for export of petroleum products from NRL’s Marketing Terminal in Siliguri to Bangladesh Petroleum’s Depot at Parbatipur in Bangladesh through the proposed ‘Indo-Bangla Friendship Pipeline.