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    Weekly Bits 09-05-14
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    1) Royal Navy Submarine Service of …… appointed first Female submariners? Ans : (1)
    1. UK 2. UAE 3. USSR 4. USA 5. Canada

    Explanation: Pioneering Lieutenants Maxine Stiles, Alex Olsson and Penny Thackray on 5th May 2014 have become the first women to serve in the Royal Navy Submarine Service. The move was taken for the first time in the 110 year history of the submarine service. A ban on Women submariners based on health fears was lifted in 2011. Now They will start training in the end of 2014 with a view to serving on Vanguard Submariners in 2015. Female Personnel will also be able to serve on Astute-Class submariners from around 2016.

    2) Elena Baltacha the former ……….. Tennis player died due to liver cancer? Ans: (2)
    1. American 2. British 3. French 4. Italian 5. Indian

    Explanation: Elena Sergeevna Baltacha (14 August 1983 – 4 May 2014) was a Ukrainian-born British professional tennis player. Being a four-time winner of the Aegon Award, she was also a long-term British No. 1, a position she held intermittently from 2002 to 2012.However, due to her absence from competition due to knee surgery, she dropped down the world rankings and at the time of her retirement on 18 November 2013, she was ranked as the world No. 221 and British No. 6. Her career high ranking of World No. 49 was achieved in September 2010.
    Over the course of her career she won eleven ITF singles titles (five $25,000, two $50,000, two $75,000, and two $100,000) and four ITF doubles titles (all $25,000). She was also a runner-up in three ITF events in singles and four in doubles. In 2010, Baltacha had victories over top 10 players, including two victories over Li Na (the second of which came via retirement) and one against Francesca Schiavone, who at the time was the reigning French Open champion. In 2011 Baltacha won her highest ranked tournament on the ITF tour, the 2011 Aegon Nottingham Challenge.

    3) Dipika pallikal ranked in which position in Woman Squash Association (WSA)? Ans:(3)
    1. 11th 2. 9th 3. 10th 4. 6th 5. 12th

    Explanation: Dipika pallikal ranked no.10 in Women’s Squash Association(WSA) Rankings released on 1 may 2014. She entered the top 10 ranks after winning the Texas Open 2014. Her previous rank was 12. She won Texas Open 2014 against Rachel Grinham of Australia and it is her Seventh Women’s squash Association Title. Pallikal is the highest ranked Indian in Squash history to reach no. 10 in the world.
    Top 10 rankings List
    Rank Name Country 1 Nicol David Malaysia
    2 Laura Massaro England
    3 Raneem EI Welily Egypt
    4 Joelle King Newzealand
    5 Camille Serme France
    6 Alison Waters England
    7 Nour EI Sherbini Egypt
    8 Low Wee Wern Malaysia
    9 Madeline Perry Ireland
    10 Dipika Pallikal India
    About Women SquashAssociation
    The International Squash Rackets Federation (ISRF) was formed in 1967 and its name was changed to World Squash Association (WSF) in 1992. WSF has 142 members, all of whom are National associations of Squash recognised by their National Olympic Committee(NOC) or Ministry Sport.

    4) New element temporarily named Ununseptium is set to join the periodic table with how many Protons? Ans: (4)
    1. 112 2. 113 3. 115 4. 117 5. 123

    Explanation: New element 117 is the second heaviest element ever created by humans after Ununoctium, or element 118. Elements beyond atomic number 104 are referred to as Super heavy elements. The latest instance of the discovery of this element was made by a team at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research in Germany. Report was published in Physical Review Letters. Ununseptium will get an official name soon and will be considered as Group VII element. It was to be put in the same family as Flourine, Bromine and Chlorine.
    According to a 2010 report in the ScienceMag, the element was created by shooting an intense beam of calcium ions into a target of berkelium. Like other superheavy elements, Element 117 is also extremely unstable and has life of about 80 milliseconds. In fact scientists, were able to confirm the existence of the element by looking at the decay chain left by the element. While the second study has confirmed its existence, Element 117 can join the periodic table once the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has done looking at the data and determining whether it provides sufficient evidence to prove its existence. After that is confirmed, the body will name the new element and it will be added to the periodic table.

    5) Martin Kilzan won Munich ATP tournament in which country? Ans:(1)
    1. Germany 2. Britain 3. France 4. China 5. Australia

    Explanation: Martin Kilzan on 4th may 2014 won the ATP Munich Tournament to claim second title of his career. In the final match he defeated Fabio Fognini. Martin of Slovakia ranked 111th in the world . Kilzan’s previous ATP tournament win was at St. Petersburg in 2012 in which he defeated Russian Third-seed Mikhail Youzhny.

    6) Gary Becker died at the age of 93. He is famous Nobel Laureate ………? Ans:(2)
    1. Physicist 2. Economist 3. Chemist 4. Psychologist 5. Socialist

    Explanation: Gary Becker was professor of Economics and Sociology at The University of Chicago. He was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1992 and received the United States Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007.He was a Rose-Marie and Jack R. Anderson senior fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution, located at Stanford University. Born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Becker earned a B.A. at Princeton University in 1951, and a Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. He was an American Economist.

    7) Juan Carlos V arela won the presidential election on 4th may 2014. He was the Vice president of which country? Ans:(3)
    1. Norway 2. Spain 3. Panama 4. Thailand 5. Cambodia

    Explanation: Juan Carlos Varela will replace former President Ricardo Martinelli.
    Process of Presidential Elections As per the constitutional of Panama, Article 177 provides that the president of the Republic shall be elected in a popular direct election by a majority of votes for a term of five years.
    About panama
    Panama s the southernmost country of Central America and the whole of North America. It is situated o the isthmus connecting North and South America. Panama is bordered by Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the Southeast, the Caribbean to the north and the pacific Ocean to the south. The capital is Panama city.

    8) Sania Mirza and …………. Won WTA Portugal Open 2014? Ans:(3)
    1. Saina Nehwal 2. Heena Sandhu 3. Cara Black 4. Sindhuja 5. None of these

    Explanation: Sania beongs to India and Cara Black of Zimbabwe on 3rd May 2014 won women’s doubles title at WTA Portugal Open 2014 held in Oeiras, Portugal. Sania and Cara won the title by defeating the Czech Russian team of Eva Hrdinova and Valeria Solovyeva. This is the first title amd third Final season for Sania and Cara who eneded runners-up at Indian Wells in March 2014 and Stuttgart event in April 2014. Sania and Cara shared 9919 euro as prize money and earned 280 ranking points each for the title. In 2013 Sania and Cara pair won the women doubles title at the China Open 2013 and the Toray Pan Pacific Open 2013.

    9) Who among the following elected a foreign associate of the USNAS? Ans:(2)
    1. KL Krishna Moorthy 2. K Vijay Raghavan 3. C Gopal Muthy 4. Murali Mohan 5. Manohar Malhotra

    Explanation: The secretary of the department of Biotechnology, Government of India Krishnaswamy Vijay Raghavan on 4th may 2014 elected a foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences (USNAS). Dr. Vijay Raghavan is one of the 21 new foreign associates elected in 2014. He had joined a select group of Indians which includes the former NCBS Director Obaid Siddiqi; National Research Professor C. N. R. Rao, evolutionary biologists Raghavendra Gadagkar and Madhav Gadgil and aerospace engineer Roddam Narasimha.

    10) Who among the following Turkish Investigative journalist won UNESCO Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize 2014?Ans:(3)
    1. Aghketh Sik 2. Gortyuino Pokolo 3. Ahmet Sik 4. Manhat Fik 5. Abdul khan

    Explanation: Ahmet sik received the award worth of 25000 US Dollars by the director –General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova in paris on 2nd may 2014. Ahmet sik, 46 is a freelance journalist who worked for several Turkish news papers. He also worked as photo journalist for magazine Nikta and Reuters news agency.
    About UNESCO
    UNESCO was created in 1947. The Organization enables solidarity by…
    a) Mobilizing for education
    b) Building Intercultural understanding
    c) Pursuing scientific cooperation
    About UNESCO Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize
    • The award was created by UNESCO’s Executive board in 1997
    • It is awrded annually on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day that is celebrated on 3 may. It is funded by Guillermo Cano Isaza Foundation and the Helingin Sanomat Foundation.
    • The purpose of the prize is to reward each year a person, organisation or institution that has made a notable contribution to the defence or promotion of press freedom any where in the world, especially if risks have been evolved.
    • Ethiopian Journalist Reeyot Alemu won UNESCO- Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize 2013.

    11) India honoured New Frontiers Award 2014 on …………..? Ans:(1)
    1. 8th May 2014 2. 7th May 2014 3. 6th May 2014 4. 5th May 2014 5. 6th May 2014

    Explanation: Arabian Travel Market (ATM) awarded India with New Frontiers Award 2014 . It was awarded at the special roundtable session at annual event of ATM in Dubai. It was awarded for its outstanding contribution to rebuild physical infrastructure and its rural tourism economy in the wake of the June 2013 floods, landslides in the northern state of Uttarkhand, the devastation wreaked by Tropical Cyclone Phailin. The Award includes Crystal trophy, the New Frontiers Award Comprises ATM exhibition space values at 10000 US dollars along with additional marketing support in promoting the outstanding tourism opportunities offered by India. About Arabian Travel Mart Arabian Travel Mart on its 9th edition(2014), the award reinforced the overall focus of the programme, under the theme Recover, Repair, rebuild. Philippines was honoured the New Frontiers Award in 2013.

    12) Which country among the following test-fired Hataf-III Ghaznavi Missile ? Ans:(2)
    1. Afghanistan 2. Pakistan 3. Iraq 4. Iran 5. Saudi

    Explanation: Pakistan on 8
    May 2014 successfully test-fired Hataf-III Ghaznavi missile during war exercises of Army’s Strategic Force Command. Hataf-III Ghaznavi missile is a short range surface-to-surface Ballistic Missile and is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional weapons up to 290 Km. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of Pakistan is General Raheel Sharif.

    13) Which Annual Global 2000 list released by Forbes recently? Ans:(3)
    1. 10th 2. 12th 3. 11th 4. 14th 5. 15th

    Explanation: Forbes 11th annual Global 2000 list was released on 7th May 2014. The Forbes Global 2000 is a comprehensive list of the world’s largest , most powerful public companies, which was measured by revenues, profits, assets and market value.. The top three biggest public companies and five of the top 10 are from China and added 25 firms to the list. The Top 5 companies are:-
    a) Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Cina-Banking
    b) China Construction Bank, China-Banking
    c) Agricultural Bank of China, China-Banking
    d) JPMorgan Chase, United states-Banking
    e) Berkshire Hathaway, United states-Conglomerate
    Technology Giant Apple (15) followed by Financial giant Citigroup (16), energy corporation Chevron on rank 18 and Facebook (561). The Asia-Pacific region came out on top and produced the most names on the Global 2000 for the seventh year running (707) firms and followed by Europe with 605. US (564), Japan (225) and India (54). Africa has the least Global 2000 members adding seven Companies to the list. For the first time firms from Mauritius, Slovakia and Togo joined the Global 2000 list.
    Indian Companies in the List
    Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries (rank 135) leads the Indian List, followed by State Bank of India (155), the Other companies are:- Oil and Natural Gas (176), ICICI Bank (304), Tata Motors (332), Indian Oil (416), HDFC Bank (422), Coal India (428), Larsen Toubro (500), Tata Consultancy Services (543), Bharti Airtel (625), Axis Bank (630), Infosys (727), Bank of Baroda (801), Mahindra & Mahindra (803), ITC (830), Wipro (849), Bhatat Heavy Electricals (873), GAIL India (955), Tata Steel (983), Power Grid of India (1011).
    Wal-Mart took No.1 spot in sales; Fannie Mae tops in profits and also leads in assets and Apple is the company with the highest market value.

    14) Which animal’s new Species discovered in Himalayas? Ans:(4)
    1. Pig 2. Peacock 3. Elephant 4. Snake 5. Fish

    Explanation: A New Species of brownish pit Viper, Himalayanus was discovered by the chinese scientists. The genetic analysis identified protobothrops himalayanus as new species of snake. The discovery was published in Asian Herpetological Research. It was first spotted at Jilong Valley in Southern Tibet Autonomous Region in 2012. It was named Himalayanus in honour of its home Himalayas. The local people called the snake as the holy region of the Himalayas. The himalayanus snake with a round head and copper-coloured eyes is about 1.5 mts long, is fierce and aggressive reptile. It is mostly found in south flank of Himalayas.

    15) Which cricketer appointed as Head Coach of Pakistan Cricket Team? Ans:(2)
    1. Salim malik 2. Waqar Younis 3. Waseem Akram 4. Saqlain Mushtaq 5. Yousuf Youhana

    Explanation: Waqar Younis, the former fast bowler of Pakistan on 6th May 2014 was appointed as the National Coach of the National Cricket team of Pakistan for a period of two years. His name was selected by a committee constituted by PCB that met in Lahore. The Committee included:-
    Intikhab Alam – Director Domestic Cricket operations
    Haroon Rashid – Director Game Development
    Moin Khan – The Chief Selector
    Waqar’s tenure as a coach will start from June, when he will join the team. Earlier he had served the Pakistan side as bowling coach on 2006-07 and briefly in 2009. From 2010 to 11, he also served as the head coach of the team. His first assignment after joining the team will be a home series against Australia in UAE in October 2014 that comprise Comprising one-off Twenty20, 3 ODIs and 2 Tests.

    16) US on 7th May 2014 announced that it will induct about 12000 workers of which country into Hall Of Honour?Ans:(3)
    1. Japanese 2. Indians 3. Chinese 4. Nepalese 5. Australians

    Explanation: The honour came in the wake of building trans-pacific railroad between 1865 and 1869. This will be the first time for the Asian-Americans to receive such a tribute since the Hall was established in 1988. US President Obama designated May 2014 as asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. May was chosen as the month because the Trans-Contonental Railroad was completed on 10 may 1869. The National Theme of AAPI Heritage Month 2014 is I Am Beyond.
    About Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community.
    AAPIs represent a vast array of cultures and hundreds of languages and dialects. Asian Americans refer to Americans with origins from one or more of the 28 Asian nations. Pacific Islanders refer to Native Hawaiians and other natives living in the US Protectorates of Guam, American Samoa, and the Common wealth of the Northern Marianas, or Americans with origins from one or more of the 19 pacific island nations. Today there are 12 million AAPIs living in the US, or about 5% of total population. By 2020, the AAPI population is projected to reach 20 million. The Philippines, China and Vietnam were among the 10 leading countries of birth of America’s foreign –born population.

    17) My Years With Rajiv and Sonia was written by ………….? Ans:(1)
    1. R.D. Pradhan 2. R.G. Pran 3. R. Y. Purushottam 4. R.K. Agarwal 5. V. K. Joshi

    Explanation: R.D. Pradhan has penned his work experiences with rajiv and Sonia Gandhi in his book. Pradhan who was associated with tRajiv after Indira’s assassination shares how Rajiv had tackled crucial situations like terrorism and the separatist movement in Punjab and festering insurgency in Mizoram. He also narrates his associations with Sonia and her career. He shreds light on how sonia emerged as a formidable force to reckon with.
    About Author
    R.D. pradhan has been the Union Home-Secretary and Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. After retiring as home secretary, Pradhan worked as a close aide to Rajiv during his last election campaign in April-May 1991

    18) WHO declared outbreak of which disease as World Health Emergency? Ans:(2)
    1. TB 2. Polio 3. Measles 4. Diarrhoea 5. Diphtheria

    Explanation: On 5th May 2014 WHO declared outbreak of Polio as World Health emergency After detecting new cases of polio across borders of country like Syria and Pakistan. WHO recommended citizens of affected countries travelling abroad to carry a vaccination certificate. According to WHO, the virus is considered in only three countries Afghanisthan, Nigeria and Pakistan. As per WHO , Syria which was Polio-Free for 14 years was reinfected with the virus from Pakistan. It is only for the 2nd time in the WHO’s history it has made such a declaration, the first being during the swine flu pandemic of 2009. WHO recorded 417 cases of poilo worldwide in 2013, while till April 2014, it had recorded 68 cases.
    About Polio
    Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal viral disease that mainly affects children under the age of five. The Virus is transmitted through contaminated fod , water and multiples in the intestine. It can then invade the nervous system, causing paralysis in one in every 200 infections. It is capable of causing death within hours.

    19) Which cricketer recently ranked No.1 in ICC One Day International Rankings? Ans:(3)
    1. MS. Dhoni 2. Shikhar Dhawan 3. Virat Kohli 4. Yuvraj Singh 5. Rohit Sharma

    Explanation: on 4th may ICC rankings List was announced. Virat remained on the top in batsmen list with 881 points and is followed by the AB de Villiers with 872 points. The other 2 Indians were MS Dhoni and Shikhar Dhawan under top 10 list . Jadeja remained at 5th position with 676 points and Ravichandran Ashwin rank 14 in the bowling list. Jadeja ranked 4th as all rounder in the list.
    Top 10 rankings List
    Rank Name Country
    1 Virat Kohli India
    2 A B De Villiers South Africa
    3 G J Bailey Australia
    4 H M Amla South Africa
    5 K C sangakkara Sri lanka
    6 M S Dhoni India
    7 S Dhawan India
    8 T M Dilshan Sri Lanka
    9 Misbah-Ul-Haq Pakistan
    10 R L Taylor Australia

    20) Book entitled “A Stamp is Born” authored by ………………. Released? Ans:(1)
    1. C.R. Pakrashi 2. C.R. Prakashi 3. C.R. Parvani 4. C.R. Prakani 5. C R Pramoda

    Explanation: This Book was released on 6th may 2014 by Vice President of India, M. Hamid Ansari. The book gives a graphic account of history and evolution of postage stamps. The author Pakrashi, who is also a renowned stamp designer in the book, has described his first-hand experience with all stages of production of the stamp right from conception to final execution and printing. The book includes 56 Commemorative stamps.

    21) What is the rank of India on US Green building Council List? Ans:(1)
    1. 3 2. 4 3. 5 4. 5 5. 6

    Explanation: The US Green Building Council (USGBC) has ranked India No 3 among list of the top 10 countries for LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified buildings outside of the US. Canada tops the list followed by China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Brazil.
    The list of the top 10 countries for LEED reflects the global adaptability of the world’s most widely used and recognised system guiding the design, construction, operations and maintenance of green buildings.
    The ranking is based on cumulative gross square metres (GSM) of space certified to LEED in each nation as of April 2014. India has 11.64 million GSM of LEED-certified space and has 1,657 certified and registered projects representing 66.22 million GSM

    22) FDI in Sevices Sector drops to how much percent in April-Feb 2013-14? Ans:(2)
    1. 23% 2. 54% 3. 63% 4. 77% 5. 67%

    Explanation: Foreign direct investment (FDI) in the services sector declined 54 per cent to $2.18 billion during April-February 2013-14 from a year earlier. Services such as banking, insurance, outsourcing, R&D, courier and technology testing had received $4.74 billion of FDI during April-February, according to data from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).
    Overall foreign inflows into the country declined to $20.76 billion during the first 11 months of 2013-14 from $20.89 billion in April-February previous fiscal.
    The services sector contributes over 60 per cent to India’s gross domestic product. In 2012-13, foreign investment in services sector fell to $4.83 billion from $5.21 billion in 2011-12.
    Other sectors, where inflows have declined include, construction, metallurgical industries and hotel and tourism. Foreign investments are considered crucial for India, which needs about $1 trillion in the five years to 2017 to overhaul infrastructure such as ports, airports and highways to boost growth.
    A drop in foreign investment could affect the country’s balance of payments situation and the rupee.
    What is FDI?
    The full form of FDI is Foreign Direct Investment. The Foreign Direct Investment means “cross border investment made by a resident in one economy in an enterprise in another economy, with the objective of establishing a lasting interest in the investee economy.
    FDI is also described as “investment into the business of a country by a company in another country”. Mostly the investment is into production by either buying a company in the target country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country”. Such investments can take place for many reasons, including to take advantage of cheaper wages, special investment privileges (e.g. tax exemptions) offered by the country.
    What is Service Sector in India?
    The services sector is a vital cog in the wheel of the Indian economy. The sector, accounting for 60 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP), grew 5 per cent in the FY13.
    The Indian service industry has emerged as one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors on the global landscape and hence has made substantial contribution towards global output and employment. Growing at faster pace as compared to agriculture and manufacturing sectors, Indian service segment comprises of wide range of activities, such as trading, transportation and communication, financial, real estate and business services, as well as community, social and personal services.

    23) Which country scientists developed NanoVehicle that can be used to deliver drugs to diseased Tissues?Ans:(3)
    1. Srilanka 2. Australia 3. India 4. USA 5. Canada

    Explanation: Two Indian scientists have developed a "gold nanovehicle" that can be used to deliver drugs specifically to diseased tissues without affecting other healthy organs, according to a recent study.
    The proof-of-concept study, published by American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists in AAPS PharmSciTech journal, is a collaborative effort of Dr Subho Mozumdar of University of Delhi, and Dr Arnab De of Columbia University, USA.
    The study estimates that the "cost of synthesising the nanovehicle is only about $1 per mg, a very cost-effective solution." Dr De, explained, "The increase in the cost of the nanovehicle is marginal as small amounts of nanoparticles can have a very large surface area for attaching the drugs.
    The study shows that the nanovehicle specifically targets diseased tissue thereby reducing the side effects of the drug. Another benefit of this is that the "therapeutic efficacy of the drug is substantially increased as the entire drug is delivered to the diseased tissue alone."
    To design this nanovehicle, Dr Mozumdar, an Associate Professor of Chemistry at University of Delhi said: "We simultaneously modified the surface of the nanovehicle with drugs and tissue-specific ligands." The "tissue-specific ligands targets the nanovehicle to the correct tissue, where the drug is then released. The nanovehicle was especially useful in delivering a model drug to the liver."

    24) Who is the Prime minister of Libya? Ans:(1)
    1. Shefali Razdan Duggal 2. Shefath Ruzakk Dora 3. Denom Shah 4. Dinesh Shah 5. Ravi Malhotra

    Explanation: 1. Ahmed motin 2. Mohammad Manaq 3. Ahmed Misrata 4. Ahmed Matiq 5. Ahmed Khan

    25) What is the name of Indian Missile that recently successfully test-fired from a fighter aircraft- Sukhoi-30 MKI from a naval range in the western sector on 4th may 2014? Ans:(1)
    1. 2 2. 3 3. 4 4. 5 5. 6

    Explanation: , for the first time an Indian missile, Astra, was successfully test-fired from a fighter aircraft — the Sukhoi-30 MKI — from a naval range in the Western Sector on 4th May. The test-firing met all the mission objectives and the air-launch was captured by side and forward looking high-speed cameras and the separation was exactly
    Astra is India's first Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air missile and has been designed and developed indigenously by the DRDO. The 60-km plus range missile possesses high Single Shot Kill Probability (SSKP) making it highly reliable.
    Astra is an all-weather missile with active radar terminal guidance, excellent ECCM (electronic counter-counter measures) features, smokeless propulsion and process improved effectiveness in multi-target scenario, making it a highly advanced state-of-the-art missile
    The Missiles can be classified as……………
    1) Surface to Surface
    2) Surface to Air
    3) Air to Surface
    4) Air to Air
    These are again classified as………….
     Ballistic Missile
     Cruise Missile
     Anti Tank Missile
     Torpedoes
     Anti Submarine Weapon
    BALLISTIC MISSILES: These are again in various ranges Inter Continental Range: Agni-5, Agni-6, Surya  Agni-5 tested successfully on 15th September, 2013. It was first tested on 19th April, 2012
    Intermediate Range: Agni-3, Agni-4
    Medium Range: Agni-1, Agni-2
    Short Range: Prithvi-I, Prithvi-II, Prithvi-III, Prahar
     Prithvi-II was successfully test-fired on 7th October, 2013
    Hyper Sonic: Shaurya, BrahMos-II, HSTDV
     The maiden flight of the submarine variant of the Indo-Russian supersonic cruise missile, BrahMos, was successful on 20th March, 2013 when it was test-fired from a pontoon off Visakhapatnam in the Bay of Bengal.
    Super Sonic: BrahMOs-1, Prahar Sub Sonic: Klub, Bazalt, SwitchBlade, Nirbhay
     The first flight of the long-range subsonic cruise missile, Nirbhay (Fearless) was terminated midway on 12th March, 2013 after it deviated from its trajectory and veered towards the coast within 20 minutes of its launch from Chandipur off the Odisha coast
    Anti Ballistic Missile: S-300PMU-2, Prithvi Air Defence (PAD), Advanced Air Defence (AAD) Medium Range: Akash, SA-5 Gammon, SA-6 Gainful, SA-11 Gadfly, SA-17 Grizzly, Barak 8
    Short Range: Trishul, Tunguska, SA-8 Gecko, etc
    Cruise Missiles
    Hyper Sonic: Shaurya, BrahMos-II, HSTDV
    Super Sonic: BrahMos-1, Prahar
    Sub Sonic: Klub, Nirbhay etc
    Visual Range: Python, Super 530 etc
    Beyond Visual Range: R-27ER, R-27ET, R-27R etc…