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    Weekly Bits 01-12-14
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    1) Who is the Indian-American lady who has been awarded with the prestigious International Children's Peace Prize 2014? Ans : (1)
    1. Neha Guptha 2. Priya Anand 3. Priyanka Sharma 4. Vandana Chandra 5. None

    Explanation::- She won this award for her contribution to help orphans in India and other vulnerable children. Last year, Malala Yousufazai won this prize.
    About International Children's Peace Prize:-
    The International Children's Peace Prize is awarded annually to a child who has made a significant contribution to advocating children's rights and improving the situation of vulnerable children such as orphans, child labourers and children with HIV/AIDS.
    The prize is an initiative of the KidsRights Foundation, an international children's aid and advocacy organisation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The first Children's Peace Prize was launched in November 2005 during the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Rome.

    2) According to the announcement made by the Jury headed by Vice President of India, which award will be given to ISRO Indian Space Agency for its contribution to strengthen international cooperation in peaceful use of outer space? Ans: (3)
    1. Sardar Vallabhai Patel prize for Peace 2. Jawaharlal Nehru for peace 3. Indira Gandhi Prize for peace 4. Subash Chandra Bose for Peace 5. None

    Explanation: About Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2014.
    The Indira Gandhi Prize or the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize or the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development is the prestigious award accorded annually by India to individuals or organizations in recognition of creative efforts toward promoting international peace, development and a new international economic order; ensuring that scientific discoveries are used for the larger good of humanity, and enlarging the scope of freedom. The prize carries a cash award of 2.5 million Indian rupees and a citation.

    3) "AB Little Stars"is the scheme launched by the which Bank especially for children and teenagers in Nov'2014?Ans:(2)
    1. Axis Bank 2. Andhra Bank 3. Canara Bank 4. Federal Bank 5. UCO bank

    Explanation: 'AB Little Stars' (10-15 years age group) and 'AB Teens' (15-18 years age group).

    4) Which is that 'word of the year' named by the Oxford English Dictionary for the year 2014.?Ans: (1)
    1. Vape 2. Cape 3. Cope 4. Mope 5. Joper

    Explanation: 'Vape'. It means to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette. 'Selfie' word was chosen as the word of the year 2013.

    5) The Indian who has been chosen among 50 Global leaders, business chiefs and pop icons as contenders for the title 'Person of the Year 2014' by Times Magazine is?Ans:(2)

    1. Sonia Gandhi 2. Narender Modi 3. Manmohan singh 4. Atal Bihari Vajpayee 5. L K advani

    Explanation:Narendra Modi. Last year Pope Francis was chosen as the Person of the Year 2013.

    6) According to the report published by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in Nov'14, name the country that has been ranked as the No.1 place in the world in terms of ease of doing business? Ans:(2)
    1. Malaysia 2. Singapore 3. India 4. Indonesia 5. China

    Explanation: It is followed by Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong and Sweden.

    7) Who is the author of the book''Lives of Other'sss shortlisted for Costa Book Awards under the Novel Award category on 19th Nov'14? Ans:(1)
    1. Neel Mukherjee 2. Neel Kamal 3. Nikhileh Yadav 4. Nitin Chaudary 5. NareshChopra

    Explanation: This book was also shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in this year.
    About Costa Book Awards:-
    The Costa Book Awards are a set of annual literary awards recognising English-language books by writers based in Britain and Ireland. They were inaugurated for 1971 publications and known as the Whitbread Book Awards

    8) Who is the director of CBI who has been directed to withdraw from 2G case by the Supreme Court on 20th Nov'14?Ans:(2)
    1. Ranjith Chopra 2. Ranjith Sinha 3. Rakesh Kulkarni 4. Rohan Iraniu 5. None

    Explanation: The bench headed by Chief Justice H L Dattu, however,refused to pass an elaborate order on the issue saying that it would tarnish the image and reputation of the premier agency.

    9) What is the Name of the scheme to be launched by the government to provide access to electricity to rural households across the country? Ans:(1)
    1. Deendayal Upadhyaya Grama Jyoti Yojana 2. Subash Chandra Bose Grama Kirana Yojana 3. Sardar Vallabhai patel Grama Suraksha Yojana 4. Bhagath Singh Grama Jyoti Yojana 5. None

    Explanation: The estimated cost of the project is over 5111 crore rupees. The project is a major step towards meeting the national objective of Power to All.

    10) Mahinda Rajapaksa is the President of which country who announced on 20th Nov'14 for the next Presidential elections, two years ahead of schedule?Ans:(3)
    1. Indonesia 2. India 3. Srilanka 4. Nepal 5. Bangladesh

    Explanation: :- He signed the proclamation on 20thNov and also declared that he would be fighting the elections for an unprecedented third term. The announcement came soon after his completion of 4 years in office in his second term.

    11) Ansar al-Sharia is which country Islamist militant group blacklisted by the United Nations Security Council for its acts of terror, its links with Al Qaida and other terrorist groups?Ans:(3)
    1. Iran 2. Jakartha 3. Libya 4. Afghanisthan 5. Iraq

    Explanation: UN has imposed sanctions against the Ansar Al Sharia branches in Benghazi and Derna. All countries have been asked to freeze their assets, and impose travel bans and an arms embargo on the terror outfit.

    12) Name the state government which will launch the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) on 21st Nov'14? Ans:(2)
    1. Haryana 2. Punjab 3. Goa 4. Kerala 5. West Bengal

    Explanation: All cities with a population of 50,000 and above would be covered under the centrally sponsored scheme which is aimed at providing affordable quality health services to urban population with a special emphasis on urban poor and vulnerable population.

    13) According to the latest ICC ODI rankings, which cricket team tops the list with 117 points? Ans:(3)
    1. Australia 2. Pakistan 3. India 4. Srilanka 5. Bangladesh

    Explanation: :- India regains the top place in the ODI rankings. India is followed by Australia (115 points) and South Africa (114).

    14) Name the bank with which, ING Vysya bank merged after the deal was approved on 20th Nov'14?Ans:(2)
    1. Canara Bank 2. Kotak Mahindra Bank 3. Axis Bank 4. HDFC 5. Oriental Bank of Commerce

    Explanation: Kotak Mahindra Bank. This merger would be first merger since 2010 in private sector banking space when Bank of Rajasthan was acquired by ICICI Bank.

    15) Which Spanish city has agreed to enter into technical collaboration with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) to develop New Delhi as a Smart City? Ans:(1)
    1. Barcelona 2. Paris 3. Washington 4. Kaulalampur 5. Singapore

    Explanation: Barcelona is regarded as the foremost smart city of the world.
    What is a Smart City?
    A smart city (also smarter city) uses digital technologies to enhance performance and wellbeing, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and also to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. Key 'smart' sectors include transport, energy, health care, water and waste. A smart city should be able it to respond faster to city and global challenges than one with a simple 'transactional' relationship with its citizens.

    16) What is the date , From which RBI guidelines are pertaining to levying of penal charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance coming into effect?Ans:(1)
    1. 1 April 2015 2. 2 April 2016 3. 3 April 2015 4. 4 April 2015 5. 1 May 2015

    Explanation: Under these guidelines, banks have to inform their customers about minimum balance limit.

    17) On which day of that occasion President Barack Obama is expected come to India? Ans:(2)
    1. Independence day 2015 2. Republic day 2015 3. Children's Day 2015 4. May Day 2015 5. None

    Explanation: Republic Day (26th Jan'15). PM Narendra Modi had invited Barack Obama to be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day ceremony. On 21st Nov'14, a letter from White House confirmed the invitation.He will be the first President of US to attend the Republic Day ceremony

    18) Identify the new name of the domestic terminal of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RJAI)?Ans:(1)
    1. NT Rama Rao 2. Sonia Gandhi 3. P V Narsimha Rao 4. V V Giri 5. Alluri seetharamaraju

    Explanation: NT Rama Rao, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The Centre had on 20th Nov'14 decided to name the domestic terminal of Hyderabad airport after late NT Rama Rao.

    19) Which Institute of India had became the first to be made a full member of the CMS collaboration of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research?Ans:(3)
    1. IISC Bangalore 2. IIIT Hyderabad 3. IIT Madras 4. IIT Mumbai 5. IIT Pune

    Explanation: IIT Madras. CERN is known for the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012

    20) Identify the magazine which has been named 'Mangalyaan' among the 25 best inventions of 2014?Ans:(2)
    1. Forbes 2. Times 3. India Today 4. London times 5. US official Magzine

    Explanation: . Mangalyaan was developed by the ISRO, it cost India just USD 74 million, less than the budget for the multi-Academy Award winning science fiction thriller film Gravity.

    21) According to the survey conducted by INSEAD on 21st Nov'14, which city is chosen as the world's best city to live and work?Ans:(2)
    1. Delhi 2. Dubai 3. Colombo 4. Kaulalampur 5. Singapore

    Explanation:- Dubai. It is followed by Amsterdam, Toronto, Singapore, Madrid, Hong Kong and New York.

    22) Name the country in which there would be the 18th South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) Summit begin from 22nd Nov'14? Ans:(1)
    1. Nepal 2. Srilanka 3. Bangladesh 4. Pakistan 5. China

    Explanation: :- Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the first time Kathmandu is hosting the summit in 12 years. The theme this year is, 'Deeper Integration for peace and prosperity'.

    23) Which country won the third South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Women's Championship on 21st Nov'14?Ans:(2)
    1. Indonesia 2. India 3. Malaysia 4. Srilanka 5. Bangladesh

    Explanation: It was 3 out of 3 for the Indian eves, as they have won the Championship all the three times, with Nepal being the other finalists.

    24) Name the country With which Pakistan has signed a defence and military cooperation agreement aimed at bringing peace and stability in the region on 20th Nov'14? Ans:(3)
    1. Iran 2. Iraq 3. Russia 4. USA 5. Japan

    Explanation: . . The defence agreement covered wide range of subjects including Pakistan's plans to acquire Mi-35 gunship helicopters and other military equipment from Russia.

    25) How many Indians saints were canonized by Pope Francis in a mass gathering of tens of thousands of worshippers at Saint Peter's Square on 23rd Nov'14?Ans:(2)
    1. 1 2. 2 3. 3 4. 4 5. 5

    Explanation: Father Kurisakose Elias Chavara (1805-1871) and Sister Euphrasia Eluvathingal. Both were from Kerala and members of the ancient Syro-Malabar Catholic Church (1877-1952). If a dead person is canonised, it is officially announced by the Catholic Church that he or she is a Saint.